Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My boy is busy busy busy...

We have no time over here in Washington to email this week we have appointments triple booked for every hour of the day.. so the work is going really well. We have found 5 samoan families to baptize and really elect people for the wapato park ward. Zebulon is still waiting to see if he can get baptized needs first presidency approval. We knocked on a lady named stacy woods door and she has been baptism worthy for about a year now because that's what she felt God wanted her to do so she is getting baptized this week. We have been very blessed and are loving the work. My new companions are cool they like to work hard so we all get along. Elder Evans is from Boise and Leavitt from mesa Arizona. Thanks for all of the love and support!!
Love you all 
Elder Fife

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