Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Work is sweet in the Wa-Tac

This week in the WA-Tac has been sweet!!! The lord has blessed us immensely. The samoan people know how to do missionary work our ward mission leader is an absolute saint he has taken his calling to the next level. He has made it his full time job. Whenever we need anything he is right their by our side. We are teaching many families right now and they only speak samoan so we just sit their and smile everyonce in a while while Brother Strickland goes ham and calls repentance and we baptize them. In the wapato ward we have lots of people right now that the lord has prepared I feel extremely blessed to be able to meet and teach these people. My testimony of the savior grows each and every day I cant believe I have been out for 9 months time has flown by. 

My comp Elder Hatch is going home this transfer its a bummer i love him so much he is a crazy hard worker so many of my closest missionaries friends have left early from their missions out here 6 in counting and now 7 are leaving because their time is up Ive learned that there is always change and we just have to learn to adapt. Even though its hard it always works out.
I love yall 
ELder FIfe

Every corner of washington... straight up satan

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