Sunday, December 21, 2014

October 20th, 2 Months in

Aww that sounds so fun!! That's awesome glad you guys had a good time! haha im still in shock how that turtle lives in Utah!! that's crazy! haha technically im a greenie for 6 months... but it doesn't bother me that much! its crazy ive already been out for 2 months! I think I figured out how to send pics ill just put my memory card in someones camera and do it that way. ill try it today! This week was really awesome we got 4 new investigators and put 3 of them on date to be baptized!! We worked really hard! We actually get quite a bit of money on our cards every month its like 160! pretty good huh! I still spend it all but I thought it would be less. The rain has started a little but we are still seeing lots of blue skys and sun!! its really awesome I wasn't expecting it to be so warm. The craziest thing happened this week.. Elder Byrums aunt and uncle came to our apartment at like 1020 to say hi to him without him knowing.. isn't that nuts? I guess they talked about it but president said that they probably shouldn't do it but they did anyways so that was odd.. ha I miss you guys so much I look at the pics on my camera and miss you guys more and more! Have a great week momma loves

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