Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 1st

mom, This week has been really awesome!! i got to go to the temple with mac and do baptisms it was super awesome he had a great experience!! he was baptized for his dad and grandpa and he got super emotional alnd told us that he knew the church was true and wanted to share his testimony on sunday. Yeah it was crazy talking to that guy richie its a small world!! haha you guys look smokin hot on that bullet bike!!! haha did yall do any black friday shopping?? i havent gotten the package yet... im not sure whats the deal but i bet ill get it today. my new companion doesnt stop talking and i feel like im going to kill him alot but i havent lost my temper or any thing yet and thats my goal to not get mad for this whole transfer. haha he doesnt stop talking i dont even say anything back to him ye just yaps and yaps i cant understand half the stuff he says because he starts words but doesnt finish themhaha every thing is just mumble jumble!! hopefully he gets better!! Has any other missionaries come home? hopefully not that would be sad. read dads email too because i have some stuff in there that i want ya to know. 

do you think you could get logans email for me?? I want to see how hes doing!! 
I have gotten sick like 4 times since ive been here so the sea level drama isnt true.. haha its been freezing cold and it snowed the other day!!! it was crazy it was quite a bit of snow to i didnt even think it snowed here... hopefully the pics i send ya work!!

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