Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 1st

How is the new little comp?  Seems like a sweet, humble dude.  We will be interested to see how it is with all the new changes.  Wow Son District Leader.  What a great opportunity to bless lives.  How did the Wednesday training thing go?  That could be a bit intimidating with the former Z.L, 's but just be Bud.  

That is awesome about all the teaching and tisms.  The work seems to be rocking!  Hopefully Maria got better.  Mom said you were hanging with someone she grew up with for Thanksgiving.  We went to Connors farewell and it was fun to see all the old aggies.  

I have been riding my sick little bike all over the hood pretty much every day. We call her Bullet!  Even mom likes to cruise around on it.  She says she wants to learn how to drive her.  I went and picked up Hannah on Bullet from b -ball practice one day and the kids that were there thought it was pretty sweeet.  

That is awesome and very important to keep up the fitness.  The bike riding sounds worthy.  You sound like you want some more options for upper body.  What about one of those pull up bar things you put in the doorway.  Oh yeah, you cant do any pull ups.  sorry bud.  I saw one of those things at Ross and wondered if you might want something like that.  Let me know if I need to get you some exercise thing.  I know I was a better missionary cuz I worked out regularly.  It is true of everything.  I am a better teacher cuz I work out everyday.  Section 89 baby.  

Do you and your comp live solo or are other companionships in your apartment?  I sorta love that you get to work with a comp that is limited in the language.  That along with the new DL call will stretch you a bit.  But I know you are up to any challenge because it is the Lord's work and He will always qualify those whom he calls.  

Super excited to get the low down tomorrow.  I really really love you son!  Thanks for being such a huge source of strength for our family.  Loves

Yeah my new companion is really cool! he has a really cool testimony and stories. He lived in lyberia and there was tons of violence his uncles and other family members were apart of all the child drafting and killing and all that crazy stuff he said that they all had lots of family die and his uncle did lots of drugs and has tear drops all over his face. then he read the book of mormon and totally changed he is now a ward mission leader in africa so its pretty awesome!! hopefully that made sense. 

my first district meeting went really well. It was really scary at first because the AP's showed up and the zone leaders plus the former zone leaders training in my district.. so lots of really good missionaries in the room that i trained. haha it was on how to begin teaching and it went really well! i was really shocked at how well it went lots of prayer was involved i felt really good how it went. Being dl has helped me tons so far with teaching and public speaking. 

Maria fell of date because she had bronchitis and we havent been able to see her sense because shes been out of town and has had family over. Last night we put lyle on date again for the 20th hopefully he will quit smocking here soon. We have been struggling for the past little bit to find new investigators but we have continued to work hard and i know that we will have success. I got to drive the car this week!! it feels good to drive its been like 3 1/2 months so its pretty cool! 

That bullet bike is so dang cool!! i bet its super fun to ride!! is it super fast or do you want a bigger one? ive heard that if you get bigger your insurance goes way up. im glad your having fun with that!! thats super cool

A member in our ward said that he would give us his old work out stuff so i think we will be okay!! His name is brother laban from samoa and he is huge he said he can bench 375 a couple times so thats pretty crazy!! ha and he also gives us haircuts!! I weigh 175 right now so ive gained some weight but i have no idea where it is because i cant tell a difference.. 

Saturday morning we went to the temple with Mac!! it was one of the best experiences of my life. we woke up at 430 then were off it was super cool leaving our mission and see more of washington!! our mission is one of the first to let the missionaries go do baptisms for the dead with recent converts. So we did all the family history with mac and got the names for his father grandfather mother and grandmother. We had lots of support from the quorum there elder byram baptized him and i did the confirmations the temple also gave us 8 names to do. when we were leaving mac started crying and told us that he felt the spirit tons and wanted to bear his testimony at church after he passed the sacrament. haha hes so solid!!!  

sorry for the crazy email... haha i love ya tons dad thanks for all ya do for me!! loves so much

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