Sunday, December 21, 2014

November 17th

Hey I had to speak in church yesterday too! haha we talked on faith and I shared the story where I would jump down the stairs and dad would catch me I said something like I started lower and worked my way up to gain my faith just like a testimony it takes steps and you can work your way up then you will be converted and the  way I trused dad was because we communicated and spent time together and I related that to prayer and reading and going to church I thought it was pretty good but who knows! haha that's so awesome that you guys got ski passes and stuff! that's going to be really fun!
Its been freezing cold here too!! the whole week it didn't rain and all the puddles and ponds were frozen pretty nuts I didn't think it got this cold in Washington... my hands have been really cold so gloves would be nice!! and could you send me a beanie or earmuffs of somesort? haha for Christmas present I would say skinny ties um and money I guess I cant think of anything right now I want to get a bench press thing and a pull up bar because I have been working out everynight but all I can do is push ups and curls because we have a curl bar I could just buy that stuff here though because we can go to walmart goodwill etc.. goodwill is like a di and I hear you can buy weights there but I have no idea.. ha hopefully this email makes sense I feel like im just rambling... but if I think of anything else I will let you know.
haha dad was so mad at us when we hid them! haha then he loved them so I guess it worked out
im gonna send an email with some experiences to everyone! I love ya so much mom I hope everything at home is awesome keep up being the best mom ever transfers are this Saturday and Im pretty sure im going to get a new companion so hopefully he isn't a weirdo! ha have a wonderful week loves

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