Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Saturday June 2015 scheduled to baptize 16 people

this week has awesome!!! We went to a rainer Baseball game with President and Sister Blatter just like the Bees back at home.. It was fun we had a good time. 

 We couldn't baptize anyone Saturday or Sunday because of a funeral going on... But on Saturday we are baptizing 16 people... We have been working so hard and the lord has blessed us immensely we have found just about every Samoan in Washington we are sure... haha We have a family of 7 that just got here from American Samoa Bishop Seu Found them and gave us their address. We are teaching a family of 4 in the most ghetto place evvaaa called woodbrook it gets wild. Our ward mission leader Brother Strickland Most celestial man you could meet does nothing but missionary work everyday with us. He calls everyone to repentance wish i could tell you more about the lessons we teach with him but havent been able to understand due to the language... 

Elder Hatch and I were driving home from church when we saw a Samoan driving the opposite direction we joked around saying we should follow him so he could lead us to his nest... haha so we did and sure enough we find a family of 12.. They are all ready to be baptized as well the work is exploding and we dont have near enough time to meet with everyone we are teaching. 

Everyone pray for us so we can baptize this weeeeekkkkk!!! Love you all
ELder Fife

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