Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elder Fife's First Email

Wow times been flying by out here! its crazy how many miracles Ive seen in the past couple weeks!! Mac convento was baptized on Thursday he has been meeting with missionaries and ward members for about a year but he was robbed the day before we visited with him. all of his wine and cigarettes were taken and his tv and money. He was very humble and sad but we told him that that happened for a reason and that god wanted him to be baptized.the Word of wisdom was the only thing holding him back but because of that experience he decided to quit and be baptized a week later. I guess the rule is if you don't drink of smoke for 5 days you can be baptized so that's cool. so that was really cool. Then yesterday we baptized a 75 year old Guamanian with cancer she has been investigating the church for 11 years. My companion has been meeting with her for 4 months but had always been really stubborn. recently her she has been doing really bad and cant walk of get out of her chair. Wednesday she said that she wanted to get baptized but didn't think she would be able to because she couldn't move. Elder byrum and I told her that we would carry her into the font and that god would give her strength if she put her trust in Him. Yesterday when we went to pick her up she said she didn't have enough strength and couldn't do it but we told her she needed to have faith and that God can make anything possible. She asked for a priesthood blessing and after she decided that she would be baptized. Elder and byrum picked her up out of her chair and put her in the car the drive there she was in tons of pain it was one of the saddest things ive ever seen. When we got to the church we wheeled her in and The mission president was there and helped us out. When it was time for the baptism she again wanted to give up we started singing hymns and she changed her mind once again. Elder byrum and i carried her into the font she was crying and in tons of pain it was awful we said the prayer and dunked her but she wouldnt go all the way under she kept holding on to us we had to do it 5 times before we finally got it right. but after she was calm and smiling it was freakin crazy we then Brother Awadjie a sick black guy in our ward gave her the holy ghost she was super happy and wasnt in any pain it was truly a miracle.

Hopefully that made sense I dont wanna go back and fix all of my mistakes..

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